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Pant Hemming

Please fill out the following form to send in your pants for hemming. We will email you with an order confirmation after we receive your order during our normal business hours.

Instructions for Drop-Off Box 

(These instructions will also be included in the order confirmation email if you are dropping off your item.)

1. Place your pants in a plastic bag.

2. Attach a small piece of paper with your provided order number and full name inside of the bag and tape securely.

*Maximum of two pairs of pants or jeans in one bag at a time.

3. Make sure to place the bag at the back of the opening drawer in the drop box before closing to prevent jamming.

Instructions for Mailing Your Item

(These instructions will also be included in the order confirmation email if you pick a shipping option.)

1. When you send your item to us, we will email you when your item has been received.

2. We will process your order and email you back with a tracking number when your item has been shipped out.

Those who are mailing your item to us will be sent a prepaid shipping label. Please print it and clearly attach it to a box containing your pants or jeans.

Thanks for submitting, please scroll down for payment information.

Payment Method

Pay Ahead Online

Pay ahead for your convenience.


Pay In-Store

Pay in-store if you prefer.



*Cash-only for curbside pickup. American Express not accepted In-store. In-store payment is not accepted when mailing in orders for hemming.

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